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Professional Drones

for commercial use


Inspection and control of confined spaces.
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Drone Software

FIXAR Indoor drone use closed source software and hardware. With our software, the safety of your information is guaranteed. These professional drones use their own communication protocol, which plays a key role in avoiding control interception.


This technological software feature helps the Fixar Indoor drone to navigate without GNSS through the creation of 3D terrain and indoor maps to facilitate autonomous navigation without the need to use satellites.

Professional Drone

Professional indoor drones are used in various industries, including all kinds of manufacturing,mining, oil, gas, power generation,construction, and many others. Some of the industrial assets where visual, environmental, or other types of data need to be collected include all types of confined space, sewers, mines, boilers, pressure vessels, chimneys, abandoned structures, etc. In case the inspected place is hard to access or is hazardous to humans, FIXAR Indoor industrial drones provide a safer and more efficient way to collect data.


FIXAR Indoor professional drone is available in 2 forms. One, ready-to-fly drone with preinstalled sensors. Two, a constructor unit that has complete assembly parts and additional modules to suit the needs of indoor inspection personnel. Form two UAV is customized based on your needs and the environment.


•   FIXAR Indoor drone;
•   2 cameras;
•   A lidar;
•   2 rechargeable batteries;
•   A Control Panel;
•   A Charger.

Fixar Indoor Drone Is Designed and Adapted To Your Business

The specifications of FIXAR Indoor Industrial drone are aimed at offering simplicity and reliable results. Get in touch with us today to request a quote or ask additional questions.

Benefits of Fixar Indoor Drone

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